Rocking J Ranch: Features Lesson Trailrides, and Summercamps, No longer does boarding.

Rocking J Events: Features Events,Weddings,Vintage Market,Auction,Birthday, Anniversary



  We pride ourselves in professionalism, compassion, supporting our bride and what she wants. RJE 

joins with you and your family as a Team.  We are the fastest growing Rustic Venue around.

Every year is a new chapter of improvements, new improved restrooms, rustic bench for our bride

to sign and date, just added vintage doors to open for bride coming in, and so much more.

We are ever learning, listening, keeping our events, reasonably priced and include as much as

we can to keep our bride from having to do much.  Our clients and their guests always tell us

how much they love it here. We promise to take good care of you, resolve any issues that

might arise, with 100% satisfaction and treat you with the utmost respect. 

 We have many references that can share just  how wonderful it was having their wedding

with Rocking J Events.  Our Motto: Our clients become our friends and our friends become our

family. No Venue will offer you as much as we do for the price. Vintage and Rustic items all around

that you do not have to rent. Our rest rooms are state of the art, climate controled, and decor

very Rustic Chic. You will be proud to share this place with any guest from the rich to poor .

What a fun way to celebrate your special day!


Rocking J Events : Was Featured in : St. Louis Bride & Groom Magazine  2013 as rustic chic!

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 New Concrete dance floor, and tiny white gravel throughout barn. Upgraded kitchen at the

upper house where our brides get ready. Use of the ranch house for the girls to

get dressed, do some hair, make up , and take some 1rst look or before pics , inclusive . 

The Courtyard is a photographer's delight ! Giant barn doors, barnwood & tin walls,wood fences,

 Outdoor Arbor & Waterfall where you tie the knot, trees,horses grazing, wildflower fields, straw ,round bales,

a lake, old stones, Green grass, Upperhouse  has old stone stairs outside, & beautiful oak staircase inside.

Inside the Barn there are strands of lights, wagon wheels, & old farm tables, tubs, old repourposed items, and 

shabby chic vintage  in all directions. 

Parking is in Ranch Field ,no cars allowed to park in front areas of barn to keep your pics pretty. Short walk

to courtyard/barn, from the field of parking, just across the country bridge. We do offer VIP parking for

elderly,bride, parents,caterer,photographer etc,next to side of barn.Driver can pull up with guests, to barnlot

where chapel will take place to let folks out that can't walk too far, and repark their car in field. 

Continue to scroll down for general information and pictures. 


Total of 6 hours at our Venue for your guests:  5.5 hours from walk time. Where can you get this?

Example: You can decorate early and girls come up to house at 1:30

Invite/Guests 4pm,

 4:30 Walk/chapel till 4:45 to 5pm:(with no receiving line)

5pm to 6pm : straight to pics for an hour, 

6pm Announcement of wedding party,

6 or 6:15 Dinner Buffet Opens (4 Hours of Reception) 6-10pm

Party On throughout until 10:00pm music stops, then you can start loading your things, the girls will have 

all the vacated tables cleared off and your centerpieces all on one or 2 tables for you to either load up and

take that night or pick up by 10 am next day if there is an event that next day, if not you can come later.  

you will be allowed to decorate outside whenever you wish, the morning of chapel services uses whatever decor is

there. So you can decorate your arbors before 11 or after 11:30 on any scheduled chapel only service, or the night before.  

Our professional planner can tell you what works well here, and guide you through your important venue

decisions. At Rocking J Events, you will never pay interest, venue gratuity, and terms are flexible, so be happy.... 

Why not host your next event at RJR?   to reach us for a venue visit. 

 REHEARSALS; Thursdays/Wednesdays if you have your own minister and want to do Wed.

Same day Rehearsals, You could set up and have lunch together on the deck.  

Bride can assist in set up and go to upper house to get hair, & makeup done with the girls. (3 hours upper house)

 We reserve Fri.-Sun. for our events/weddings .  

  Do a quick run through, 1rst bride to book  gets 1rst choice scheduled time to practice   Either 6pm or 7pm

If you opted to use the deck or barn head table area, then your group can eat together here. Both brides can

comfortably share the venue practice night with her guests. Optional bonfire can be provided also.  

For Rehearsal night you can either bring in food, roast hot dogs & smores, or have a local Like  Peggs,

 bring food in, set it up and serve it. Or  you all can go anywhere you wish to, before or after you practice. 

What to bring on rehearsal night/& how things work with 2 brides :

  • table covers, soapy spray bottle, towels for your surfaces
  • trash bags, food/drinks/ice we have coolers here. Our ice is $5/bag or bring your own.
  •  boxes of decorations, alcohol,etc, setting up decor and supplies. Friday's bride can...
  • 1rst bride of weekend :puts theirs in 8' bar and bride's refridgerator and places her boxes where she wants them.
  • the other bride puts theirs in rear of barn covered with sheets/or tarp with your name .
  •  you can do some decorating if you are 1rst wedding of the weekend, put tables where you want them.
  • You will clean up after yourself on all rehearsal nights, and DIY events, burn all paper trash, all bottles, cans and all 
  • not burnable trash goes into your bags, and toss into the dumpster by side of barn please. 
  • bride using head table area, can use 2 more round tables, and must also clean up and deposit her bagged trash to dumpstr.
  • Both brides will be using rest rooms in the barn for rehearsal night.  

If nothing has booked 1 month before your wedding, we may consider allowing you  Friday,  you can ask  for it, if you have

verified with Minister first, and he is able to, and our secretary via email,has said ok.  

     Your guests will Love it here! They will tell you and us, thank you for having them. 

    We promise to treat you like family here. So many folks come up to us to thank us, and compliment us on the place.

 SAVE / SAVE/  If you book on Friday or  Sundays, you will SAVE $1K-$2000.

Best months : April-July/Sept-Oct & 1rst to 2nd wknd in November. July/August we formulate more shade in pavillion for these. 

but later into evening events work well, with our Fans all around. We use 3 Patio Heaters/ and up to 2 Salamanders in the Fall.

for chilly nights. Disclaimer: The barn is not insulated. The floor is white small gravel, dust is minimal. A real barn folks. We can not guarantee

any weather, or even frigid temperatures, You will be able to get around Patio heaters and they work great as long

as it does not get  unseasonably frigid. We are not responsible for any lost items, lost and found is at the bar.  

Outdoor chapel is under a covered pavillion  with an indoor option if weather becomes inclement/stormy.

You will be the only bride during your time slot. There may be an early Saturday Wedding at 11 to 11:30 am.chapel, and her guests in

Courtyard until 1 or 2 pm, and using the restrooms and deck, before your guests are due to arrive. You can decorate

the outdoor arbors before or after their chapel. We can sell Ice to DIY events, but let us know so we can be sure to have enough on hand

if you need more than a bag or two. RJE has some Fans to circulate air, lots of ice for the inclusive package brides along with

shade in courtyard for the warmer days in Missouri.  

  What sets us apart from any other venue ?    Our no fuss-Inclusive Package:

                    Your Wedding  and Or Your Reception here:

                        please take time to scroll down & read on.


    /UPGRADES: No Alcohol Sold here
  • 1951 Vintage Pickup truck to bring the bride and maids from upper house, to the ceremony below.($150)
  • DJ for Chapel Service ($200)if you just need DJ for chapel only or 100 if he is doing reception also
  • Beverages before dinner, and throughout the reception, sodas, water, tea, or lemonade.($150)
  • Deck for Dinner or Inside of barn for dinner before or after rehearsal/up to 3 hours. $200
  • Bonfire either for rehearsal night or wedding night with wood $50
  • (all brides that marry that weekend ; are scheduled on Thursday ,to do their run through.
  • There may be Additional cost to do a different night
  • Wedding Singer, Guitarists, Fiddle, Harpist  Music ($$$) contact vendors on homepage
  • Horse w/wrangler for in a few pics, then send it to arena with another wrangler to give the Kids rides in arena 
  • 1 horse $50/horse with 2 wranglers, one on ground , one mounted( tips $20-25).
  • Bridal table set up to 12 places with Vintage china & stems; or with Square white plates for up to 25. $100
  • Overlays on guests tables $10/per table
  • Professional Decorating using Vintage effects, lanterns, votives,wood spheres, old bottles, for head table $100
  • Quilts of Multi Colors, Old, and New. $100
  • Servers for guest tables and or head table $100each
  • Sparklers /Fireworks send offs see internet for vendors/sales
  • Popcorn bar,($200/cart rental plus product)The Kernels Kettle,
  •  Smores bar, Candy bar, great for right after service, while pics....Table fee $10 plus products
  • Flowers silk or fresh see vendors
  • Decorating Team to execute your wishes ($250) mid-westmusicstl (Missey)before during and after ambiance/in charge of your affairs.
  • A Wedding personal assistant
  • Bar Tending Services $150/1-2 servers ( Crystal Mowery) Bartending Services Etc.

  • Suzy Davis at (636)677-7771