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Rocking J Ranch : dba (Rocking J Ranch LLC):All Lesson/Trail rides, Summer camps, Boarding.

Rocking J Events: dba (Rocking J Bonfires & Parties LLC) : All Events, Weddings, Parties.


HUGE!!! featured in St. Louis Bride & Groom Magazine  2013!

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Rocking J Ranch, Suzy Davis (wedding shots here)

 & 2013:

New concrete dance floor, and small white gravel throughout barn. Upgraded kitchen at the



upper house where our Inclusive package brides get ready. Use of our ranch house for her and the girls...


The Courtyard is picture perfect &  a photographer's delight ! Trees,Giant barn doors, barnwood walls,wood fences,

waterfall, horses grazing, wildflower fields, straw bales, stalls. Then there is also a lake, old stone stepps,

 Green flat grass in back yard of upperhouse . Inside the Barn there are strand lights, wagon wheels, vintage pieces!

All parking Is In Our Ranch Field , It makes the Courtyard so nice without cars around. Only a a short walk

to courtyard/barn, across the creek. VIP parking for elderly and bride and parents, next to side of barn. 

Continue to scroll down for general information and pictures of our Venue and be sure you read everything we provide for you.


This Rustic bar is for you to serve up your own alcohol or hire bartenders.



Please ask for a price quote, if it is not a Wedding/ or Reception, could be less if less time needed at our Venue. 

Our professional party hostess will be happy to put together something fun and in line with your budget for your next event,

Why not host your next event at RJR?

  Rehearsal Thursdays if you use our Minister, usually is at 6pm,

Our minister is there, quick run through , then you can eat. If there is another bride


she can practice next. Usually Groom's parents  bring in food for before/after your practice.

We recommend some table covers, and or bringspray bottle, and old towels to wipe your surfaces

off prior to using deck or head table. That night you can  do some


decorating if you are the next wedding to be hosted that weekend. Or store , until your set up.


Most brides drop off alcohol, centerpieces, supplies, decor, etc. Putting a note on yours is smart .


     No Friday rehearsals, because venue wishes to keep open for event bookings.

Your guests will Love it here!They will tell you and us, thank you for having them. 

It always touches our hearts and we know they have felt our hospitality here. They feel at home. 


  Unheard of ! We promise to treat you like family here. 

  If you book on Friday or  Sundays, you can SAVE a bunch .

Best months : April-July/Sept-Oct & 1rst to 2nd wknd in November. July/August (is  humid)

but later into evening events work well, withour Fans all around. We use Patio Heaters in the Fall. and chilly Spring nights.

Outdoor chapel under a covered pavillion  with an indoor option if weather becomes inclement/stormy.

You will be the only bride during your time slot. All yours ! RJE has plenty of Fans and shade.  

We are closed: Mid November through March, & August (Usually)  Open April/May/June/July/Sept/Oct/Nov

  What sets us apart from any other venue ?    Our no fuss-Inclusive Package:

          Tons of things included that no other venue would give you .

                    Your Wedding  and Or Your Reception here:

                        please take time to scroll down & read on.



   Would you like to see some more pics of Kara & Jeremy's wedding at the ranch?     then click on the groom with the cowboy hat.  2013

All parking At Our Ranch Field , and is a short walk to courtyard/barn, across the creek            

The Barn makes a beautiful backdrop for whatever you can dream up. Eclectic, warm, and inviting, it's a Pinterest's perfect venue to

dream up & decorate, with grapevine lights to arbor doorway lights.

 Pinterest type photo opportunities in every direction the 1951 Vintage Chevrolet Truck & Beautiful Horses!!!!

Our New Waterfall with fish pond right by where you stand to marry outside, Beautiful Barn Doors, field of prairie grasses,

lake, creek,large parking field, wrap around deck, Oak wood walls, old Barnwood wall, Hitching Post, horses of all colors,

vintage things: chalk boards, Lanterns, burlap table runners, mason jars, Strand lights in our barn and lighted deck, Lounge

and Head table allows family style seating, wooden barrels, wooden boxes, home cooked delicious, well presented buffet and

deserts much more !

Our Inclusive Package includes: what you can expect and check off of your list of to dos:
Meeting with Minister an DJ to talk about their services to you, and get to know you both.

  • Consultation with in House - planner and props owned by venue that can be used.
  • Wedding Arch - you can use and add your favorite things, or create you own.
  • Rehearsal run through with minister, and Deck for Dinner afterward & bonfire(all brides that marry that weekend
  • must meet same day/time to do their run through.
  • Rehearsal night. Either Deck, Pavilion, or Barn, & or Courtyard for any bridal party getting married that weekend with
  • shared big campfire in Courtyard! Grooms Parents can bring food in.after run-thru. Usually a Thursday night. DJ &
  • Minister will be there to go through it with you and brides can take turns with their DJ and minister.
  • Set up for your Chapel service, chairs, no extra charge.
  • Get ready at :Bride and her parents and maids, photographer, make up, hair stylist will be welcome at our
  • Country Charmed Spacious 1.5 Story Ranch House, 3 large bedrooms (2.5 bath). Has Roomy Master Suite,
  • and relax until it is time ! With 2nd refrigerator and drinks.
  • 1951 Vintage Pickup truck to bring the bride and maids in from upper house, or groom in
  • Service Tables: for : gifts, deserts, DJ, buffet, sign in all included
  • Tables, chairs. Your choice of Linen Color for guest tables. Disposable plates, forks, high quality.
  • Head table covered w linen, burlap runner/& professionally decorated/vintage decor down center, linen napkins, with comfy
  • straw couches. Some decorations for over the straw included, bring your favorite quilts. 
  • Minister, officiant to marry you.Cowboy ministers or minister from Dreams in Bahamas, experienced.
  • Ice We will supply ice for your drinks/alcohol. Make an order of how many you need.
  • Country style Buffet:  
  • Deserts Country Style
  • DJ w/ microphone /sound system for wedding, & for reception as well.
  • A Horse is included for a few pics, and/or if you want to come in on it.
  • Chapel : inside barn or in the barn court yard area, with a view of the horses in a natural pasture & our new
  • waterfall.
  • Kiddie rides after your service, & during your pics. In arena outside the deck for pre school & elementary
  • Bonfire on rehearsal night, and or wedding day/night
  • A Sign with your names on it to go up on the roadway, announcing your wedding to ALL !
  • Wedding Singer, Guitarist, Harpist
  • Photographer/Videographer
  • Ice Sculpture or champagne ice sculpture bucket
  • Guest service in plates and silverware with tables set
  • Overlays on guests tables
  • Servers at all guest tables and head table
  • Photo booth
  • Sparklers
  • Fireworks
  • Popcorn bar, Smores bar, Candy bar, great for right after service, while pics....
  • Flowers silk or fresh
  • Carriage horse drawn
  • Some Mason Jars
  • Decorating Team to execute your wishes
  • Bar Tenders
  • Suzy Davis at (636)677-7771