The Rocking J............Welcomes you ..... Warning You won't want to Leave Here!

Rocking J Ranch : dba (Rocking J Ranch LLC):All Lesson/Trail rides, Summer camps, Boarding.

Rocking J Events: dba (Rocking J Bonfires & Parties LLC) : All Events, Weddings, Parties.

The Ranch will be closed from August 5-14

  No Trail Rides Or Venue appointments , our personal assistant will answer your emails.

HUGE!!! Rocking J Events featured in St. Louis Bride & Groom Magazine as country rustic chic venue 2013!

Our Facebook : Rocking J Events & Pinterest Pages: Rocking J Ranch, Suzy Davis (loads of wedding shots here at the ranch)


This place is a photographer's delight! Natural shots in all directions, groves of trees, rustic barn doors, barn wood wall, wood fences, waterfall, horses grazing, wildflowers in the field, straw bales, stalls, a lake, old stone retaining wall at house, Green flat grass in back yard of upper house with colorful trees in background in fall.

Can not get in for a wedding here? You would like to have an hour or so of pics here?

Photography can be shot on any day including Saturdays as early as 8 am, and can be scheduled throughout the day to be done and out by 1 pm.

for only: $750(1 hr)

Senior pics or family shoots: $200 for 1 hr.


Why not tie the Knot at the Rocking J?

- Rustic/Vintage/Country/ Very Chic Style!

ALL INCLUSIVE PACKAGE: You can focus on your day, family & loved ones while we take care

of the rest. Starting as low as $40pp for Sunday afternoon, great for a mid day affair on into the evening.  

Fridays can be as low as $45pp, and Saturdays can be as low as $50pp. 150 minimum, for a Saturday.  

Get excited! No interest. You are our exclusive wedding/reception during your time slot.

  You set your payment terms. Full Payment within 30 days of your event,

and after RSVP come in for any added on guests, seats, tables, add on 8-10 guests at a time(full table) You can get in early to decorate as early as 10:30 am if needed.

You can invite guests : 30 minutes before you walk. Venue till 10:30 or 11pm normally. The use of the Courtyard & Deck area as well as the barn, no other wedding during your event, for the 150 or more events.

Smaller groups and very low budget events will share the facility and rent areas as needed for their event.

If you have a group up to 150, please consider shared use and use the courtyard and not the barn, which is lovely, see the Small events page

Our Barn features: Lovely strand lights , & some wagon wheel lights.

Coming Soon! A dance floor of smooth concrete, & the barn will be renovated to include : side barn doors, more floor space, and barn wood down the left side of barn, a floor that is almost dust free. Will be upgraded from the natural dirt floor to a new concept to be better for our events by Mid July 2014 ! Upgraded Upper house : Kitchen Island Late July. Master Bathroom Redo, Fall of 2014.

PRICING: FOR DIY (Do it yourself) : Need to check a date?

DIY (Do It Yourself?): Download our DIY contract grab a date and mail in with a deposit to hold your date. (rent the venue with all your tables, rustic red cedar drinks bar with back bar table, gifts, desert, catering tables included & if another event that weekend the chairs too). Bring your own catering/deserts, get an officiant, use our in house DJ(approx. $400), You own alcohol.....we prepare the place for you to enjoy: comes with our vintage effects in every direction. Our place is one of a kind ! 

  Sunday: $2500 Friday $3500 Saturday $4500

DIY: for the Shoestring Bride (see below) or e-mail Suzy.(Do It Yourself) or have your Chapel Service here early out by 1 pm or just your pictures.

Prices will vary according to how long you will be here: Bridal Photo shoots: start at $750;

(Chapel service here, with set up and pics afterward $1,500 bring your own minister and music, or hire our minister & or DJ if they are available) This works for the all ready bride that has a venue all ready for her reception. These services have to be set to start at 11 am - 1pm, and we can have our regular wedding groups afterward that arrive as early as 3pm. 

Some DIY INCLUDED: TABLES FOR: Service, catering, food, gifts, DJ, deserts, head tables 38 round 60"guest tables available.

We will provide up to 250 black chairs. You may need to pay us a service fee for cleaning and setting them up. $1/ per chair.

Deck with 3 picnic tables. You would need you own linens.  If another wedding that weekend, there will most likely

be all the chairs you need and tables for guests as well. We pick up rentals on Friday morning, return on Monday AM.

We can pick up your linens DIY, we will be at Weinhardt's anyway. You pay for them, and order it & tell them to put it with

ours. We will set up your chapel chairs. You can get ready at our upper house 2/3 hours ahead of your service, If you opt. to do Vintage Truck.

We will stock rest rooms, and provide trash cans. You must do all your own clean up, and $500 deposit will be held and returned

when the barn is cleaned up and we come to look. All your trash including rest rooms put into the larger trash cans or dumpster outside.

Rest rooms or Johnny on the spots will be included, if your group is really large you may rent extra Johnny on spot. 

Randy can bring you into service for $175 up charge in the Vintage Truck and truck can stay for your some pictures.

  No alcohol sold here, so you are allowed to bring in.......Be sure you read or print out the whole page.

PRICING FOR : Inclusive Package:Download our IP Grab a date contract and mail in with your payment to reserve your date , check with us to see if we have a date:

Saturday:$7500 (150 guests) A horse you can use for in a few pics or come in on, The Vintage Truck brings you and the girls down the hill from the upper house where you and your girls can get dressed/hair/makeup/before pics done in a lovely Country Charmed 1.5 story home.  Even a quiet lake for a few shots.....package also includes a preacher or officiant, DJ for your chapel and reception.  Ranch Style Vintage Look Buffet:

Fork Tender smoked pulled pork. and pulled chicken. Rolls/Buns, Warm BBQ sauce

sweet and smokey style, Condiments, hot sauce, salt and pepper, & dressing bar.

Dogs, buns/kids(optional kids menu)

A Ranch Salad with romaine, spinach, red onion, dried cranberries, feta cheese, calamari olives. With Ranch and Sweetened vinegar olive oil dressing.

Either a Baked Bean or Cut Green bean hot side with ranch seasonings like bacon, onion, etc.Sure to please all your guests.

Potato Salad: white style , with celery, onion, mayonnaise

Choice of another side like: sliced watermelon in a tub of ice, fruit medley, (grapes, pineapple, mango, strawberries, mandarin);Tomatoes fiesta ( chopped roma tomatoes, onion, cilantro, motzarella cheese, Quinoa, couscous, seasonings,olive oil/vinegrette ) Suzy's own festive, designer dish.

Soft drinks : sodas, and choice of Lemonade or Tea Sweet or Un sweet, bottled water, ice, cups and all upgraded sturdy disposable wares.

Our desert: staged on an old Farm table : A bride's cake on top of a Cupcake tower made of wood slices full of your tinted cupcakes (chocolate on chocolate, and on the white cupcakes 2 color tints can be chosen, also some seasonal pie, like apple or pumpkin. all rustic chic with a hanging chandelier above the table. Includes your ,linens any standard color, head table with vintage decor and large mason jars for the girls flowers to stand up in. Straw couches and quilts, kiddy rides for your kidos while your pics are being taken. Your service and your reception with a rehearsal deck for your future mom in law to use to host the rehearsal dinner here included, she bring her own food. Price is $50 pp, after the minimum is met the price can be a bit lower per person.

Typical wedding : Bride walks at: 4:30 or 5 pm Spring & Fall. 5:30 to 7pm in warmer months, an early morning service , followed by lunch works well for Sundays, or a 2 or 3 pm wedding, and the  buffet is usually open about 1.5 hr after the bride walks. Most events go to 10 pm that start at 4pm and you have aproximately 6 Hours of the venue here , not counting the girls getting ready upper house beforehand.

walk early, and later if they walk later. The Courtyard is full shade by 5/6/7 pm , good idea is pop in at that time and see the area and shade factor is important in Mid summer months events. The pavillion is shady also for your guests to watch your wedding.

Please ask for a price quote, if it is not a Wedding/ or Reception, could be less if less time needed at our Venue. 

Our professional party hostess will be happy to put together something fun and in line with your budget for your next event, Why not host your next event at RJR?

  Your run through rehearsals are on Thursdays,usually 6pm  & may

be shared with other couple(s) that have  a wedding that weekend, the party deck wb for first, then head table

area, both seat 24-30 comfortably, with a nice bonfire that evening. You can use our 20 brown chairs if you need them.
DIY , must put things back when borrowing from barn, and regular package brides also for rehearsal eve.

Rehearsal usually is at 6pm, our minister is there, quick run through , then you can eat. then if there is another bride

she can practice next. Most brides, bring and store their supplies in a stall that night,  with a note & name &

any instructions for us  or their family . 

Usually Groom's parents  bring in food for before/after your practice. We recommend some table covers, and or bring spray bottle, and old towels to wipe your surfaces off prior to using deck or head table. That night you can  do some decorating if you are the next wedding to be hosted that weekend. Or store in a stall tarped until your set up.

Most brides drop off alcohol, centerpieces, supplies, decor, etc. Putting a note on yours is smart .

     No Fridays, because venue wishes to keep open for event bookings.

Your guests will Love it here! They will tell you how fun and different it was for them,

and how much they enjoyed themselves. We are always touched when your guests

thank us  for having them.  Unheard of ! We promise to treat you like family here. 

RJR BARN : Country air, cowboy boots, laid back, casual to dress up , it all works !

Plenty of room for the guests tables, food service, & dancing / There are beautiful horses/

rolling hills/Strand lights/Large wide/wooden family style dining head table area with straw couches/

wagon wheel lights/Indoor &/or outdoor chapel/wooden signs , Vintage effects all around.

  If you book on a weekend where there is another booking, or Sundays, you can SAVE a bunch .

Best months : April-July/Sept-Oct & 1rst to 2nd wknd in November. July/August (is  humid) but later into evening events work well, with

our Fans all around. We use Patio Heaters in the Fall. and chilly Spring nights.

Outdoor chapel under a covered pavillion with fans mid summer, with an indoor option if weather becomes inclement/stormy.

You will be the only bride during your time slot. All yours ! RJE has plenty of Fans and shade.  

We do offer 3 Patio heaters as an upgrade option,for DIY for nippy weather and a free bonfire of course! $175 each

We are closed: Mid November through March, & August (Usually)  Open /May/June/July/Sept/Oct/Nov

  What sets us apart from any other venue ?    Our no fuss-Inclusive Package:

          Tons of things included that no other venue would give you .

                    Your Wedding  and Or Your Reception here:

                        please take time to scroll down & read on.



   Would you like to see some more pics of Kara & Jeremy's wedding at the ranch?     then click on the groom with the cowboy hat.  2013

All parking At Our Ranch Field , and is a short walk to courtyard/barn, across the creek            

Pinterest style ,Vintage effects- old doors,windows,wood barrels,wood boxes, suitcases,old tables,

chalk boards with colorful markers, fruit baskets, lace table coverings, some burlap oblong coverings,squares of burlap, lanterns, Head table , Center burlap runner, with Vintage effects, and mason jars for maids flowers, we include the table covered, in Dark brown, cream, white, black. There is an upcharge for China and stems on Head Table.Chinet and silverware on buffet, with silverware colored plastic utelsils, that appear to be silverware.

Use of the 1951 truck, for bride to come from upper house & groom can ride in on a horse or for in pics after service or ambiance.  3 Beautiful areas: Deck/Courtyard/Pavillion/Waterfall Area/Barn included in our larger groups packages.

Exclusive use of the facility 6+hours for all groups that are willing to pay the minimum here.
Also a natural creek with beautiful rock formations & waterfall runs Spring & Fall.



The Barn makes a beautiful backdrop for whatever you can dream up. Eclectic, warm, and inviting, it's a Pinterest's perfect venue to dream up & decorate, with grapevine lights to arbor doorway lights.

 Pinterest type photo opportunities in every direction the 1951 Vintage Chevrolet Truck & Beautiful Horses!!!!

Our New Waterfall with fish pond right by where you stand to marry outside, Beautiful Barn Doors, field of prairie grasses, lake, creek,large parking field, wrap around deck, Oak wood walls, old Barnwood wall, Hitching Post, horses of all colors, vintage things: chalk boards, Lanterns, burlap table runners, mason jars, Strand lights in our barn and lighted deck, Lounge and Head table allows family style seating, wooden barrels, wooden boxes, home cooked delicious, well presented buffet and deserts much more !

Our Package includes: what you can expect and check off of your list of to dos:
Meeting with Minister an DJ to talk about their services to you, and get to know you both.

  • Consultation with in House - planner and props owned by venue that can be used.
  • Wedding Arch - you can use and add your favorite things, or create you own.
  • Rehearsal run through with minister, and Deck for Dinner afterward & bonfire(all brides that marry that weekend must meet same day/time to do their run through.
  • Rehearsal night. Either Deck, Pavilion, or Barn, & or Courtyard for any bridal party getting married that weekend with shared big campfire in Courtyard! Grooms Parents can bring food in.after run-thru. Usually a Thursday night. DJ & Minister will be there to go through it with you and brides can take turns with their DJ and minister.
  • Set up for your Chapel service, chairs, no extra charge.
  • Get ready at :Bride and her parents and maids, photographer, make up, hair stylist will be welcome at our Country Charmed Spacious 1.5 Story Ranch House, 3 large bedrooms (2.5 bath). Has Roomy Master Suite, and relax until it is time ! With 2nd refrigerator and drinks.
  • Wedding Day - Use of Entire Venue for groups spending over $5,000, & bonfire just for you !
  • 1951 Vintage Pickup truck to bring the bride and maids in from upper house, or groom in
  • Service Tables: for : gifts, deserts, DJ, buffet, sign in all included & covered
  • Tables, chairs. Your choice of Linen Color for guest tables. Disposable plates, forks, high quality.
  • Head table covered w linen, burlap runner/& professionally decorated/vintage decor down center, linen napkins, with comfy straw couches. Some decorations for over the straw included, bring your favorite quilts. Optional dishes and stems and head table set for an up charge.
  • Minister, officiant to marry you.Cowboy ministers or minister from Dreams in Bahamas, experienced.
  • Ice We will supply ice for your drinks/alcohol. Make an order of how many you need.
  • Country style Buffet:  
  • Deserts Country Style
  • DJ w/ microphone /sound system for wedding, & for reception as well.
  • A Horse is included for a few pics, and/or if you want to come in on it.
  • Chapel : inside barn or in the barn court yard area, with a view of the horses in a natural pasture & our new waterfall.
  • Kiddie rides after your service, & during your pics. In arena outside the deck for pare school and elementary school guests.
  • Bonfire on rehearsal night, and or wedding day/night
  • ****** Gift for Our Bride & Groom a cute sign to hang by the entrance announcing to your guests to turn in, with your names on it.
  • A Sign with your names on it to go up on the roadway, announcing your wedding to ALL !
  • Rehearsal Dinner, with linen covered tables all ready for you after you practice
  • vinyl covers for deck tables
  • Groom's Cake
  • Wedding Singer, Guitarist, Harpist
  • Photographer/Videographer
  • Ice Sculpture or champagne ice sculpture bucket
  • Guest service in plates and silverware with tables set
  • Overlays on guests tables
  • Servers at all guest tables and head table
  • Photo booth
  • Sparklers
  • Fireworks
  • Popcorn bar, Smores bar, Candy bar, great for right after service, while pics....
  • Flowers silk or fresh
  • Carriage horse drawn
  • Some Mason Jars
  • A Professional Decorating Team to execute your wishes
  • Bar Tending  Services
  • /Alcohol/cute western menu
  • Upgrade to dishes and silverware for guests, not common

    for pricing, questions, or to book a time to visit the Ranch in person. E-mail:     Suzy Davis at (636)677-7771